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Why You Should Include Your HR Department In Your Cloud-Based Enterprise Content Management (ECM)…

Why You Should Include Your HR Department In Your Cloud-Based Enterprise Content Management (ECM)…

Human resources (HR) is the division of a business responsible for finding, recruiting, screening, and training job applicants. HR departments also handle employee compensation, benefits, and terminations. HR departments must keep up to date with laws that can affect the company and its employees. Proper management of your employees and hiring processes is the key to achieving a happy workforce. Achieving improved productivity and profits is tightly associated with happy employees. It is even more important in today’s tight labor market. The right technology can help you get there. There are many reasons your HR department needs ECM. In this blog, we will focus on the top four to help you understand its main benefits.

ECM And Employee Morale

Low employee morale can adversely affect your ability to attract and retain the best employees and have a detrimental effect on productivity. Standard tools to increase engagement and morale include virtual meetings, online collaboration platforms, gamification, and communication applications. So often, technology providers focus on how a system will improve processes and streamline workflows. The HR department can greatly improve employee retention and the hiring process, and the employees benefit by having the ability to access the files and records they need. The company’s various documents, web resources, email, and performance reviews can be linked to individual employee records. Employees can easily search and find answers to many questions such as the amount of vacation time they have left or if they have any sick days remaining. This saves time for the HR director and gives meaningful time for the employee.

ECM And Policies And Procedures

In the vision to deliver a better tomorrow, it is the policies, positions, and guidelines a company establishes that shape how they engage with our employees, communities, environment, and more. HR policies, procedures, and guidelines have traditionally required extensive paperwork and tracking. An ECM system can capture data and automate processes so your content is filed where it should be. It can even automatically archive non-compliant material. This significantly minimizes time-consuming manual file management. Even with the digitization of documents, many files end up stored on individual computers or in folders which makes finding information nearly impossible. In addition, the system can notify all employees about insurance enrollment or any needed training renewals or certifications.

ECM Can Improve HR Compliance

As a business, you are required to file forms with the Department of Labor or OSHA. Filing can be stressful and time-consuming with the manual process of retrieving the information. ECM documents can be easily retrieved and compiled in one place. This can avoid problems and potential fines.

ECM Can Improve Security

One of the biggest priorities of the HR department is protecting the security of employee information. An ECM system can protect against the possibility of a potential internal security breach where an employee gets confidential information they should not. Or with cyberattacks when the employee records are saved on individual computers. The risk of someone gaining access needs to be considered. With the ECM process, you decide who and how people can access the employee information.

Cloud-based ECM software has great security. Regular backups are performed to secure your data. If a cyberattack or natural disaster happens, you can quickly restore your system. All your information will be there.


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