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At Information Consultants, our training goals are simple: to help you work more efficiently. We offer a variety of training options that can be tailored to your precise needs and preferences, including:

  • In-person or on-demand sessions, according to your preferences.
  • On-site or off-site locations, depending on your needs and facilities.
  • Beginning to intermediate topics, suited to each role in your organization.
  • Standard software instruction or customized best practices content, based on what your employees need to learn.

What Sets Our Training Programs Apart

  • Service: We go the extra mile with our training packages. A training plan doesn’t end with what our customer thinks they need, and training doesn’t stop with knowing how to use the software.
  • Focus: We provide role-based instruction, real-world explanations and analysis, and best practices, all to ensure you have the tools you require.
  • Experience: We understand what you need—even if you don’t—because we’ve seen it before. You benefit from our years of experience, and you end up with all the knowledge you need to work more effectively and efficiently.

Our training capabilities and modules include a variety of topics and formats:


  • Getting Started
  • Basic user training: intro to advanced
  • Scanning: intro to advanced
  • Searching: advanced techniques
  • Workflows/process management: intro to advanced
  • eForms: intro to advanced
  • System administration: intro to advanced


  • General Laserfiche regional training (scheduled, offsite)
  • Online certification courses (on-demand)
  • Personalized remote training
  • Personalized onsite training
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