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Information Consultants creates and delivers solutions that help organizations of any size go from paper-based storage and processes to digital storage and automation. We promise you:

  • The best service you’ll get from any provider.
  • The gold standard in enterprise content management (ECM) with Laserfiche software.
  • Responsive, consistent, intelligent problem-solving, support and training.
  • Easy implementation and use of your new solution.

Our Consulting Process

Step 1: Analysis and Design

  • Observe, evaluate and analyze your current situation, documents and processes.
  • Discuss your needs and goals.
  • Design a solution customized for your resources and your business.

Step 2: Automation and Integration

  • Optimize software to automate as much work as possible (we started as a programmers and integrators, so we specialize in connecting the dots behind the scenes, to save you time).
  • Build workflows to automate your business processes.
  • Design e-forms to capture and process data.
  • Write custom integrations to share information between your enterprise software systems.

Step 3: Implementation and Training

  • Install the Laserfiche ECM suite.
  • Configure every detail to get you functional as quickly as possible.
  • Train every role in your organization.
  • Offer advice on other technology needs (upon request).

Find out more about the training and support services we offer.

Our solutions consulting services include:

  • Analyzing current needs for document storage, business process improvement and eforms.
  • Optimizing and automating business processes, from scanning to document routing to eforms input.
  • Installing, configuring, customizing and testing software, automated processes, eforms and e-signatures.
  • Developing custom solutions to integrate with existing technology.
  • Training every role, from basic user to admin, integrator and trainer.
  • Recommending hardware, vendor and/or other technology options, upon request.
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