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Laserfiche ECM Software

Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Software Empowers Organizations to Operate More Efficiently, Effectively and Profitably

  • Lowers overhead costs by having less paper storage, office space, and personnel.
  • Streamlines operations by automating repetitive and manual processes.
  • Manages all organizational content throughout its life cycle.
  • Facilitates compliance with robust security and auditing features.
  • Integrates seamlessly with the applications employees use everyday.

ECM Cuts Overhead Costs

Eliminate the manual tasks and overhead of processing paperwork with easy-to-use enterprise content management software.

  • Replace unorganized file cabinets, network drives and legacy systems with accessible and searchable digital repositories.
  • Eliminate time-consuming data entry with high-volume document capture of scanned and electronic documents.
  • Reduce the burden of finding documents with instant search and retrieval.
  • Reclaim office space and decrease overhead costs of paper use and storage.
  • Reduce the burden of finding documents with instant search and retrieval.
  • Ensure constant productivity with automated e-mail notifications, document routing and reporting.

ECM Automates and Optimizes Operations

Increase efficiency by automating repetitive, paper-based processes

Quickly diagram and launch customizable workflows and e-forms that expedite data input and review.

Start, approve and monitor business processes from smartphones and tablets.

Eliminate bottlenecks in document review and approval with automatic routing and notifications.

Share documents with GIS, CRM and ERP systems for quick access to complete project files.

ECM Facilitates Compliance

Enforce corporate and government mandated policies at every stage of operations with fully integrated DoD 5015.2-certified records management

  • Automate the capture, transfer, storage and disposition of new and legacy records.
  • Enable employees in different departments to access records without navigating the master records structure.
  • Automatically create custom views of records structures for auditors or compliance officers.

ECM Controls the Cost of Managing Content

Secure, track and audit every moment of document use throughout the enterprise

Get a complete record of activity across all devices, including login, document access and creation/deletion.

Enforce consistent document compliance standards across multi-office teams, remote workers and contractors.

Customize information access and business process participation per employee or active directory group.

ECM Easily Manages Even the Most Complex Systems

Meet the needs of individual users and departments without sacrificing centralized security standards

  • Control access to folders, document templates and document text by employee role.
  • Delegate management of document repositories, e-forms and workflows to dedicated department administrators.
  • Monitor system health with a reporting system integrated with the Windows Event Log.
  • Easily modify document repositories, access rights and search options.
  • Track changes made to content repositories.
  • Quickly organize document information across the repository with unified metadata options.
  • Buiild settings and workflows that can be replicated and configured for use across multiple departmetns.
  • Maintain full control over enterprise workflow settings.

Why Laserfiche Enterprise Content Management?

  • Functionality for Today and Scalability for Tomorrow – With capabilities ranging from records management to document routing, electronic forms and digital signatures, Laserfiche is a powerful solution that enables the entire enterprise.
  • Lowest Overall Cost of Ownership – Easy-to-use software, online training programs and extensive support resources reduce deployment time and enhance user adoption.
  • Intuitive Design and Use – Laserfiche’s intuitive user interface allows users to quickly adopt and use the software, speeding acceptance and minimizing IT support.
  • Leading-edge Business Process Management Tools – Automate and transform document-driven processes including vendor and contract management, invoice approval, records management, travel and expense management, and more.
  • Repeatable, Scalable Solutions – Create document repositories, workflows and security settings for one department and easily duplicate them for other business units.
  • Streamlined Integrations – Create and work with Laserfiche documents directly from GIS, CRM, ERP and other primary applications employees use every day.

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